• The Moon – A Modular Planetarium Program

    The Moon – A Modular Planetarium Program

    Release Date: May 2012 Interact with your audience using a Modular Planetarium Program. Enrich discussion, live teaching, and interaction in the planetarium experiences you provide your audiences!

  • Legends of the Night Sky: Perseus & Andromeda

    Legends of the Night Sky: Perseus & Andromeda

    Release Date: January 2010 Perseus and Andromeda is 20 minutes of fun, while also teaching children and adults the Greek story about the stars.

  • Legends of the Night Sky: Orion

    Legends of the Night Sky: Orion

    Orion takes a lighthearted and imaginative look at the myths and stories associated with the constellation Orion, the great hunter of the winter sky.

The Life of Trees

The Life of Trees Release Date: October 2012 This show is an entertaining and educational fulldome experience that tells the fascinating world of trees. The Life of Trees shows the importance of plants for life on earth, how trees grow, how they transport water against gravity to the top of the crown, and enabled diverse life on earth by producing oxygen....

Earthquake: Evidence of a Restless Planet

Earthquake: Evidence of a Restless Planet Release Date: May 2012 Travel through space and time in a fulldome production that makes you look at Earth in a whole new way....

Fragile Planet

Fragile Planet Release Date: September 2008 Fragile Planet gives audiences an astronaut’s view of Earth, highlighting Earths unique regions. The journey then continues to the Moon, Mars, and beyond the Milky Way to search for habitats that might host extraterrestrial life....

Habitat Earth

Habitat Earth Release Date: January 2015 Living networks connect and support life forms large and small—from colonies of tiny microbes and populations of massive whales to ever-expanding human societies. ...

Life: A Cosmic Story

Life: A Cosmic Story Release Date: November 2010 The show begins in a redwood forest, with the sounds of wind and life. One redwood looms large, until we approach its branches and enter one of its leaves, adjusting our perspective to microscopic scales inside a cell....

Dream to Fly

Dream to Fly Release Date: June 2013 “Dream to Fly” is an amazing adventure with science and the history of flying, which makes it possible to fly a balloon or an airship....
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