Bays Mountain Planetarium Production
Coming Soon!
“Totality” – This program is all about eclipses – from lunar to total solar. We cover how they occur and what happens when they do. We look back to the proof of general relati vity and look forward to upcoming eclipses and where to witness them. Our production includes a variety of wonderful styles – from spectacular space environments to humorous pop-up books. A very spe cial part of the show relates, in a very human way, what happens when you are caught in the shadow of the Moon and the Sun is plunged into a total solar eclipse. Your audience will love this program. A hallmark of Bays Mountain Productions is its focus on creating programs with a mix of education and entertainment. Your visitors will not only enjoy the wonderful graphics, sumptuous score, and captivating narration, they’ll also learn. We are very aware of how much information to include, and to avoid at all costs, providing misconceptions. This is especially true when presenting inform ation about the Sun-Earth-Moon system and its celestial motions. Production started in mid 2015. By March of 2016, we are well on our way. 3-D animation is in full swing. We expect the show to be r eady for distribution by the end of 2016. The rendered content should run about 25 minutes. But, the show includes short sequences that will allow your presenter to describe the latest, upcoming eclipse. The show will include a number of these animation sequence modules of identical length that illustrate upcoming eclipses. Our goal is 20 years worth of eclipse modules. We also understand that most planetaria do not have much funds. As such, we are planning to distribute this program at a very low cost, much lower than our own regular rates, so any theater should be able to easily af ford it. We will post when the show is ready for distribution.